nurse smiling with two residents

“Dear Folsom Care Center, We wish there was a way to express how much we appreciate everything that you did for Dad.  It’s never easy to leave someone you love so much, in a place that they’ve never been to before, especially when you know that they’re frightened.  But, you made what seemed impossible- possible and Dad appreciated everything that you did for him.  Thank you so much!”
~ Helen P. ~

“No one thought that I would ever walk or feed myself again.  Before I arrived at Folsom Care Center my family had been told to look into long term care for me.  Due to the loving kindness shown to me by the staff at Folsom Care Center, I recovered.  I am now able to walk with a walker and feed myself.  The staff should be commended for their extraordinary efforts on my behalf.  If it were not for their efforts, I would not be where I am today.”
~ Erin O. ~

“What precious people you all were to our mom while she was in your care.  In spite of the many horror stories that one hears about convalescent centers, our experience with you was nothing but remarkably loving and Mom only received excellent care…you were wonderful to her.  ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough, please know that our appreciation is heartfelt.”
~ Kathy J. ~

“We have learned a lot about assisted living and skilled nursing facilities during the last several years, as our mother has lived in both.  We were impressed with how caring the staff was when we admitted Mom and we were even more impressed with her care as time went by. We are convinced that Folsom Care Center provides the best care and is staffed with the most competent, caring staff that can be found, and the food is great!”
~ Rod J. ~